“More than anything else, I love to see others succeed. Every day I look forward to introducing more and more people to this amazing nutrition.  I want them to love it, share it and reap all the physical, financial and emotional benefits Isagenix has to offer. ”  -Kim Aliprantis


Everyone has a unique story worth telling. I’d like to think mine is no different. We share our story with others to inspire and uplift, so here is mine…

Before Isagenix, I was a stressed-out prosecutor and trial attorney battling a serious digestive health issue.  This condition had almost taken my life a decade earlier. I continued to fight daily symptoms and lived with the specter that another flare could be my last.  I had recently lost my mother to poor health caused by her lifestyle and knew that just couldn’t be me. As a mom of two beautiful girls, I needed something to help me feel my best.  I also wanted to find a way to make a difference in other people’s lives.  Remarkably, I found a vehicle to accomplish both!

A good friend of mine introduced me to Isagenix. Little by little my body WOKE up, and as it did, my strength, energy, endurance and power increased.  But something else happened.  The changes lit a flame inside me – a flame that has turned into a fire – a passion to introduce others to better health and wellness.

By the Summer of 2015, after using these products for a year and a half, I mustered the courage to share this with others! My first client was my dad, who lost 28 pounds in just over 2.5 months. I shared these products with some of my best friends, many of whom I am so proud to now call my business partners. Sharing Isagenix however requires you to open up to friends and strangers alike. Connecting with people and earning their trust is not natural for me, but to make a difference I had to learn how to find those who really needed a change.  Fortunately, Isagenix is unique in the vast resources of personal development opportunities they offer, which helped me come out of my shell and made it possible to thrive. Isagenix also has a culture of mentorship.  I have had the fortune to be “tutored” by amazing women and men, many of whom are leaders not only in our company, but across the entire field of network marketing. With this new-found confidence and skillset, my business started to spread!  With each new relationship, my flame grew brighter and stronger.  The beautiful NEW friends I have made are the best part of this business.

My organization is now a few thousand people worldwide.  I have become a 6-figure earner, more than I ever made as an attorney.  I was just recognized as the #5 growing business worldwide and was 1 of 8 that qualified for the most prestigious incentive trip our company offers called the President’s Quest.  On this trip our company owners, Jim and Kathy Coover, will take us on a beyond lavish first class exploration of London.  I have also reached the highest level of Crystal Executive three times so far.  The titles and awards though are just a reflection of how many people I have served.  Over the last two years, I have helped so many women and men feel better in their bodies.  By teaching them the Isagenix business model, some have even been able to leave jobs they aren’t fulfilled with and experience the freedom that comes with running a successful enterprise.  I have witnessed four of these moms hit the rank of Executive, which is the thing I celebrate the most!